Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Final Debate Thoughts

I watched the debate alone in an internet vacum, live-blogging some reactions. Though I had severe problems with both candidates' deficit hysteria, I felt Romney was worse in this regard with the absurd China comment. Overall, I thought Obama was more measured and reasonable while Romney's proposals lack seriousness i.e. you cannot seriously plan to lower taxes, create jobs and lower the deficit. Also, he set the stage for health insurance to be a major problem in American life, and then advocated repealing Obamacare without detailing any real alternative (when most states refuse to do anything and are strapped financially, state-based solutions are not a serious proposal).

I go on Facebook afterwards and it appears Obama and the host are being held in contempt -- in Lehrer's case, for reasons I do not comprehend as I felt he did a find job, and was right to let the candidates continue their discussions rather than rush them through another category they had already covered extensively.

 A sample anti-Obama comment: "Early on Pres Obama was sharp and concise, then he got a bit too wonky and too much in the weeds."

I suppose that was why I preferred his approach.

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